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Looking for roofing and siding services in Brockton, MA? Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton contractors feature commercial roofing services, residential roofing services, roof repair, siding installation, trim services, and gutter installation and repair. Massachusetts is a small community where everyone still knows everyone else. Our aim is to be a beacon of the highest standards for siding and roofing services. We aim to be the repair services you always call.

Our Roofing And Siding Services

Commercial Roofing Services In Brockton, MA

When you need roof repair for your commercial structure, Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton is the company to call. Commercial Roofing Services by Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton offers quality commercial and residential products for your roof. Our company installs long-lasting roofing systems and stops leaks.

Whether you are looking for a low slope roof solution or are looking for a new roof for your residence, we are here to install your roof for you, rain or shine. Our materials consist of the highest quality architectural standards and we even provide shingles of your choice.

The scope of services even includes quality coatings, membrane installation, PVC membranes and more. Our products are excellent and our team of roofing technicians is updated with all the latest methods and the best materials to use for your particular structure.

Residential Roofing Services In Brockton, MA

We at Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton understand that your home is a haven and an investment for your family. It is so much more than just a construction project. Our company is more than familiar with building laws and codes. We provide experienced advice and accurate estimates on the most affordable and efficient method of beginning your residential roofing project.

Our residential options for your roof include modified rubber roofing systems, slate, shingle, tile, wood shake, and various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. We have all the permits necessary and arrange all the required inspections. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Roof Repair

We understand that your home is an asset you cherish. Our skilled team has a track record of exceptional customer care and the highest quality craftsmanship. We adhere to the most stringent standards of the industry. Inevitably, flat, cedar, tile, slate or shingle roof types will require repair services time and time again.

Our services include shingle-replacement for roofs that are damaged by fallen branches or high wind. We also check below your shingles to check the wooden decking. We make sure that no further damage has been done by the ingress of water.

Siding Installation, Repair Or Replacement

Our roofing contractors Brockton MA offer exceptional gutter and siding services. No matter what siding type you have in mind, whether it is a low maintenance vinyl siding or an aluminum siding is something we can provide.

When you need professional vinyl siding repair and installation, gutter installation and gutter repair, we are the company to call. We know all the latest updates on the best methods of installing your siding no matter what type you had in mind.

Trim Services

Trim services include installing trim and molding in your home. When you want affordable-priced professional skills, our company helps complement your home’s interior design by installing the appropriate trim required.

Wood trim, moldings, polyurethane, injected molds or PVCpcrafted trim services are available. Decorative trim, crown molding, wainscoting, decorative baseboards, chair railings add charm and elegance throughout your house.

Our team can provide the skills and expertise you need to transform your interiors into an inviting, tasteful space. You will love the aesthetic, perfect atmosphere that increases your home’s value exponentially. Our trim services include:

  • Exterior Molding
  • PVC Trim
  • Injection Molding
  • Crown Molding Installation
  • Stain Services
  • Paint Services
  • Wall Repair
  • Touch Up
  • Surface Preparation
  • Baseboard Installation
  • Window Casing Installation
  • Door Jam Installation
  • Shutter Installation
  • Laminated Product Installation
  • Gutter Installation
  • Handrail Installation
  • Replacement Or Repair Of Existing Trim, Door Casings, Woodwork Or Crown Molding

Gutter Installation And Repair

Essentially, most gutters are made in simple designs that are easy to troubleshoot. Gutters tend to either have a poor pitch, leak, sag or have a blockage. To keep water flowing, gutters are meant to have a slop imperceptible towards the downspout about an eighth of an inch per foot. If your gutter has water pooling in it with no blockages, these are improperly pitched.

Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton can adjust the pitch of your gutter perfectly into a precise angle over long or short stretches. This is delicate work our team of experts can accomplish. If your gutter has water escaping from it, then there is a leak. Usually, leaks occur between gutter sections.

Other times, leaks develop through gutter cracks due to damage or corrosion. Just patching up the leaks can result in a recurring problem. We can get rid of this issue once and for all with the proper equipment. In the event you notice your gutter pulling away from the house or leaning down, act quickly to avoid a total gutter collapse or a rotting fascia board.

A broken spike or hanger is usually the cause of a sagging gutter. Our team of experts can replace the necessary broken hardware if needed. If there is excess debris or weight within your gutter or winter ice expansion issues, we can fix it.

We Understand You

Pro Roofing Contractors Brockton understand what a serious investment your home is. Our company understands that the features in your home such as sidings and roofings are elements you want to get right the first time around.

Our company offers real warranty coverage, top-notch installation and the best materials for a reasonable price. The key is to find the right company in Massachusetts certified as a top installer that uses products that are one hundred percent proven.

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We understand the value of a satisfied client and aim to exceed your expectations. Our aim is that you will never need us to do any repairs after we install your roofing and siding. Give us a call today at (508) 500-6555 and we can give you a free estimate for your home repair issue no matter what it is.